Sava Cvek has been an important part of the Stylex story over the past decade. In this interview, he talks about his relationship with the company, his design process, and more.

• Tell us a bit about your background with Stylex….Why do you enjoy working with the company?

During my first conversation with John Golden, the President of Stylex, at a Designer Saturday Show in New York many years ago, John told me of his plans to dedicate a good part of his life to the company. John shared what he liked about design and thought we could collaborate successfully to make every one of the products we might develop together memorable. It is important to have a leader who has a vision and high standards. Few leaders say something like that and an even smaller number sincerely commit to making something really great. We were standing in the middle of the show, and I could tell that John was absolutely authentic. John still has the same goal, and that continues to be an inspiration for my work with Stylex.

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